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Home builder boost scheme
The Federal Government's first home buyers scheme is administered by the relevant State Government. Conditions & concessions can vary between States.
The Federal Government introduced a stimulus package (3rd June, 2020) for the residential construction industry.  This is an incredible opportunity for first home buyers. Find out how you can take advanatge of up to $40,000 in grants and if you qualify.
Receive the latest information for first home buyers and how you can find, buy & move in your own home.
4 steps to freedom
The first time has the potential to be great, but ...
as we all know from experience it can also be painful if you don't know what you are doing. Mistakes can be made and have undesireable, long lasting consequences. So why would you set out to buy your first home costing hundreds of thousands of dollars without looking and learning before you leap?

Find a home and finance solution that's right for you
Our experience with first home buyers and home buyers more generally is that there is a lot of information to digest, choices and decisions to make.
Sometimes the path ahead is not always clear and a bit of guess work and blind faith is required hoping everything will work out. That can be stressful and mistakes can be made. There is a better way.
"Our first home buyer service is designed to make the process of buying your first home a lot easier."
We make sure you are informed and in control during each step of your home purchase journey.
Importantly, our property and finance specialists make sure each step is a step forward to buying your first home, sooner.
You can find the details in our FREE cheat sheet  - "The ultimate first home buyers guide - in six easy steps".
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Offering you new home purchase opportunities across Queensland
Our extensive network of quality builders, land developments and new projects gives you choice to find the right home. We also service selected regional areas of Queensland. Contact us to find out more.
- Brisbane
- Sunshine Coast
- Gold Coast
- Toowoomba
- Scenic Rim
Offering you a choice of quality brand new
- Apartments
- Townhouses
- Homes
First home buyer club overlay
Club benefits*
We offer first home buyers various specials, discounts and benefits that are offered through our finance and builder network. These can include -
- power budgeting program
- detailed finance Pre-Approval
- purchase strategy
- property match service
- furniture & electrical packages to fit out your new home
- appliance upgrades
- landscaping package
- utility connection charges, rates & body corporate fee rebates

*Member benefits are only available to first home buyers who purchase through our program and properties that are offered with special promotions or offers. To find out more about this program complete the enquiry form below.
Finance choices
Have you really got the time & expertise to research hundreds of bank loan products and special offers?
There are over 90 financial institutions in Australia competing for your valuable home loan business.  Unfortunately the BIG banks dominate over 90% of the mortgage market. With hundreds of loan products, special offers and unique features it is far too much information and choice for most people to take in. As a consequence, people limit their options. The major lenders know this and you may end up with a loan but not the best finance solution. makes it easy and convenient for you to get relevant information and assistance on purchasing your first home. We've done the hard work for you. Our finance desk links you directly with lenders who can match your current financial circumstances with hundreds of finance offerings.  It can have a huge influence on what you can do and save you a lot of time without the stress.
Chat with one of our finance team about what you can do. Complete the quick enquiry form below and see what you can achieve.
Cheat sheet guide
The ultimate first home buyer cheat sheets
Register your interest using the enquiry form below and we'll email you the latest editons of our short cuts for first home buyers.  The six part series will help you avoid making costly mistakes, wasting your time and help you get into your first home sooner.
  • First Home Buyer Road Map
  • Shortcuts to success
  • Navigating finance
  • Overcoming obstacles to finance
  • Key steps to getting your first home
  • The First Home Owners Grant – everything you wanted to know
  • The new Federal Government's Home Builder Boost Scheme
  • Finding your first home
  • Moving in check list
  • How to pay your home loan off in years not decades

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Last Update: 11/02/2022
* From July 1st, 2018 the Queensland Government's $5,000 boost will expire and the first home owner grant will be reduced to $15,000.
* The Federal Government's first home buyers grant is administered by the relevant State Government. Conditions & concessions can vary between States.
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